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Everything is Awesome 27 January 2013

Everything doesn't have to be perfect to make you feel like you have an awesome life. Take some time and count your blessings. 

Hello Everyone! 

So this week was awesome! They all are, but I haven´t been actively thinking of creative ways to start my letter. 

So yeah. It was a good week, but my companion was sick for most of the week so we had to stay in and weren´t able to do everything we wanted to. Don´t worry its not contagious, just bad reactions to some of the food and stuff.  But we still saw amazing blessings and the hand of the Lord working in our lives! 

For example, after lunch in Senandes (a neighborhood super far away from all the others) we only had a few people to visit in the neighborhood, so we went to visit a recent convert, Alexandre. We were expecting a super short hello goodbye how´s it going kind of visit, but we got talking with his mom, Marcia. She didn´t know a lot about the church, or really any church in general,  but she shared a little about what she personally believed. For example, she said something along the lines of ´I just can´t believe that people only have physical bodies, I believe that we all have spiritual bodies as well and that after we die, our spirits leave our physical bodies and continue living´ and we were like yes! That is what happens! We explained the Plan of Salvation in its entirety and she was really attentive. She still has some doubts/questions but it was an unexpected blessing to find her. She also showed us her backyard, where she basically keeps a billion chickens, cats, dogs, ducks, geese etc. It is kind of like a garden of Eden because none of them ever fight, and all of them roam free until the end of the day when they calmly return to their houses and sleep for the night. She gave us 2 dozen ovos caseiros (homemade eggs) to take home! It was pretty sweet. All of the animals were lovely except for this one chicken. She was pretty old, had lost most of her feathers, and the ones that were left are gray and sticking out every which way. I can safely say that it was the ugliest chicken I have ever seen. 

Also, I taught the lesson in Relief Society yesterday! Most of the Relief Society Presidency is traveling right now, so they needed a teacher. The topic was President uchtdorf´s talk from the Priesthood Session of last conference. It is a super great talk! I decided to take the viewpoint the atonement of Christ helps us 1) overcome weaknesses 2) become whole and clean from sin and 3) realize who we truly are. I prayed as I was preparing that I would be able to teach with the spirit and help the amazing Irmãs. I was kind of nervious that I wouldn´t be able to ask and answer the right questions and stuff, but it was great! I really felt the spirit guiding the lesson and am grateful for that help. Proverbs 3:5-6 teaches us about trusting in the Lord. The way He will direct our paths is usually through the promptings of the Holy Ghost so we must always be worthy and listening for them. 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!


Sister Smith

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