Tuesday, November 25, 2014

25 November 2014

ARGH!! It happened again. Messed up the date for Thanksgiving. We celebrated a week early, which is better than forgetting (last year) and found out yesterday that Thanksgiving is coming up, not passed. This week I will be traveling to Porto Alegre (woot! Love the city) on Thanksgiving for a meeting so that will be a joyous celebration. 

So...Thanksgiving was (will be?) good. This week after district meeting in Arroio Grande (the cutest and flattest (in all respects) little city in existence. Google Maps it) we made a feast. By feast I mean a pot of noodles and Calabresa the size of two of those baby bathtub basin things. Except something went wrong with the noodles and it turned out more like a playdough with bits of sausage and green pepper. There were leftovers. BUT! We counted our blessings during the meal. I was grateful for you guys. And music. 

Irmão Juan is the Quorum President and told us he has a great referall for us- a lady that cuts his hair. So we marked to go with him to his haircut haha. Celí cuts hair in her house so we went one night and as Juan and his son, Bryan, are getting hair cuts, we chat about the gospel. It was great because Juan just starts talking to Celí about the Plan of Salvation and how he brought us to meet her to make a difference in her life. It´s amazing how spiritually sensitive people are here. And so open, especially when someone they know and trust presents them with the gospel. Celí said she would love to learn more and come to church, but she would really like her husband Joaquim to participate, who is pretty closed to religion. As he passed by the door, we called him to come sit with us. He said no thanks, and Celí made a face like "I knew it. There is just no way." But for some reason Joaquim stayed at the door. We  engaged him in the conversation and he got kind of excited and then we were like, come! Sit in this nice white plastic chair! And he sat. We chatted for a while and after he left, Celí said that was a miracle because lately he has been turning his back whenever anything about religion is mentioned. She was super happy, as were we. We will be visiting them on Wednesday :)

So this week we have been walking quite a bit, because being new in the area, when we don´t have referalls or old investigators from the area book to visit, we knock on doors. But yesterday we had a little miracle! After a wonderful meeting with the ward missionaries where we trained the first discussion with them, an irmão said that he had a referall. Him, his wife and daugher, and we loaded into his car. When the referall couldn´t attend, he didn´t just leave us on the side of the road, he said "where to next, sisters?" So we shared our next plan. She wasn´t home, but the irmão said, "where to next, sisters?" So were were like whoa! First time ever! Proselyting by car. I´m digging it. So we finally found a family home- an irmã, Marcela, who hasn´t been going for a while, and her mom, Ilma, and son, David, who aren´t members. They are so awesome! Marcela said she was having a hard time getting David (8 years old) motivated for church. We kept on chatting and soon David entered. While everyone were talking, I summoned David over. I asked him, whispering as if it were a grand secret, "Hey, do you wan´t to come to church next Sunday?" After thinking, he nodded yes. I said "Go ask your mom if she will take you" And he went and whispered in her ear and she said "Yes! Of course!" and became so happy and planted a giant kiss on his cheek.  Sometimes we just have to make people feel special and make them feel like they have a part in the decision. I can see them being such a happy family at church. I´m excited.

I was reading about the Holy Ghost and have been trying to deepen my understanding. If you have any good articles about Him, I would love to give them a read. 

Remember to be grateful! The thing I am most grateful for is that my loving Father in Heaven sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to atone and die for me (John 3:16-17) so that I can be happy and clean and know what I am doing here and where I am going. He is my Savior and King and I received this testimony through the Holy Ghost, our friend and Comforter (John 14:26)


Sister Smith

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