Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2 Dec 2013 - More Pictures!

Kieren has been busy and happy in Brazil. Enjoy her letter from this week and at the end I have attached pictures from her mission so far.

Hello Dearest Friends and Family!!!

This week was awesome!! The biggest news of the week is that Lucas got baptized on Saturday!! He got confirmed yesterday in church by André, who has only been a member for about a year, but he gave an amazing blessing full of promises about how Lucas will be a great leader in the church and have a lot of opportunities as a result of the gospel. It was amazing to see the change in him this week. He is a lot more respectful to his leaders and is a lot happier and has more light in his life. One key moment this week was when we saw him on the street and reminded him about meeting him at the church at 7. He was with some of his friends and they were giving him a hard time. He told us that he didn´t want to meet with us that day and kind of blew us off. Later, we decided to call him and prayed about what we could do and say. We called him and asked him to come and that it was important, and said that he didn´t have to come in, just to meet us at the gate. He conceded and we met him and he decided to come in. We told him that we would be quick so he could get back to his friends, but he told us that he decided to leave them and that he decided to stay here (there was a young men´s activity at the church at that time). He apologized for the way he treated us and he had a great time at the activity. There was a visible change from the Lucas we met on the street to the Lucas at the activity. It reminded me of the scripture that reminds us to "Stand in holy places, and be not moved." Truly if we do this, it will bless us and there will be a tangible difference in our lives. Not only us, but others will be able to see that difference and we will be able to be an examle to them. 

More good news- I dreamed in portuguese! I was on the street and there was a lady asking me directions to the milk festival. I told her to continue until the end of the road and turn right. I had been studying directions this week, so I am sure that is why I had that dream. 

Food adventure of the week- we were having lunch at a member´s home in St. Anges and the Irmã brough out this platter with a giant black fish on it. it was about the size of a computer keyboard (the giant old ones, not the laptop ones) and was staring at us with its beady little eye and sharp teeth. It tasted pretty good though. 

Remember to be happy this week! True happiness comes as a result of living the gospel. Mosiah 2:41. Love you all!

Sister Smith

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