Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kieren is doing great!  She received the Christmas Birthday package we sent.  If any of you want to wish her a Happy Birthday it is the 21st of Dec.  She will be 21 so it is her GOLDEN Birthday!

Thanks to all the support you are all giving to her.  She is so happy!

Dearest Family and Friends,

First Transfer has arrived! I will stay in Jardim do Sol but I will be receiving a new companion tomorrow, about whom I will write next week. 

A great experience we had this week was when we changed our plans and went to go visit a less active member, Nilsa. We talked to her for a while, and she said she felt bad about drinking coffee and knew that she should be going to church and stuff, and Sister Mileib asked her if it was just coffee that was making her so sad, and she said no, and started telling us about some challenges she is having. Her son won´t talk to her or let her see her grandkids and her boyfriend said he was going to leave her in January. She said she is really afraid to be alone. We cried with her and sang some hymns. We encouraged her to start getting her life in order because that will truly bring happiness and help with a lot of the issues she is having. We will be working with her these upcoming weeks to help her make changes and come back to the fold. Elder Uchtdorf´s talk from the last conference has been very helpful in learning how to relate to and help those who have for one reason or another left the church. I would encourage everyone to re-read it. 

Yesterday we had churrasco (barbecued meat on spear-like skewers) at two peoples houses. And at each house there are tons of types of meat and you have to eat a lot. Also there was a lot of fat on the meat, but some people consider that the best part.  I was looking around like "are they going to eat that part?" because we follow the host´s exapmple and all that. When they ate it, I was like "here we go, ready to gain some weight" It wasn´t too bad and aside from the fat, the meat was amazingly delicious! Also I don´t think I will be eating for another few days. 

The work is great. Lots of investigators with potential, but there is always some sort of barrier to overcome, like they have to get married, quit smoking, get parent´s permission, etc. Satan really works to make sure people don´t get to baptism, but we ork even harder and we have the Lord on our side, who is more powerful. He truly knows everything and we have to trust in His timing (see Isaiah 55:8-9)

Love you all!

Sister Smith 

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