Tuesday, March 25, 2014

22 March 2014 - Pictures and a Temple Trip

So, first things first I didn´t email monday because our Pday was switched because we got to go to the Temple!!!!! It was awesome!! It reminded me a lot of the Columbus temple because they are basically the same blueprint. 

I love this ward! They are super supportive and wonderful. We meet with the ward council every week and they are so eager to help. There is always someone willing to give rides to our investigators. Bishop Munhoz is also amazing and every Sunday he picks up Yasmin and Nataly (8 and 11 year old girls that got baptized last month but don´t have family support to get to church). The big challenge here is finding investigators to bring to church! But with faith and work, this area has so much potential. 

This week was zone conference and it was super inspiring. Pres. Castro talked about the scripture story of Jacob and Esau and how Esau sold his birthright for a... I don´t remember if it is porrige or pottage but in portuguese it is lentils. So anyway Esau sells his precious rights and priviliges for a bowl of lentils that will last 20 minutes and then it gets digested. He likened this to keeping the commandments and rules. When we do not follow the commandments or keep the rules 100% we are selling our blessings and gifts for nothing. For example, as missionaries, we have access to so many gifts and abilities, such as the gift of tongues, discernment, etc, and we have the capacity to teach with the spirit and bless lives for eternity. However, if we decideto break even small rules that we don´t see a reason for, we are throwing away those rights and privileges because of laziness or rebellion. It was really great to reevaluate my service as a missionary and make sure that I am not giving up something expremely precious for something of no worth. Heavenly Father has so much in store for us, but it is up to us to choose to access it. It is worth the sacrifice! 

Love you all!

Sister Smith

1. Sister Hodnik, Samuel, Igor, Me (previous area)
2. At the temple
3.Elder Martin from Cincinatti! We had met before the mission but didn´t know we got called to the same mission
4.  S. Melo and Rosani (member from Jardim do Sol that we ran into at the temple!)

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