Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 March 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Biggest news of the week: I´m getting transferred! I will be leaving Jardim do Sol and taking the 5 hour bus ride to Porto Alegre, serving in Ala 1 (Ward 1) which is the Mission President´s ward. My new companion will be Sister Melo, who used to be in the same zone as me. She is super energeting and nice. I am sad to leave this amazing area, but I am ready and excited for new challenges!

We taught Igor again this week and when he said the closing prayer, he asked that he would be able to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost soon. I know he is ready and I am sure his mom will let him get baptized soon. I´m really sad to miss his baptism, but I am happy knowing that he is making such a great decision. 

Heavenly Father really watches out for his missionaries. This week, we had one of those super dissapointing days, where everything fell through and it was raining and all that jazz. It ended well though, with our meeting with the ward mission leader, Elizandro Castro. He is a great support for us. He dropped us off at our house, and then just a few minutes later, we heard someone clapping at the front of the house. It was the Xis delivery boy! Irmão Elizandro had sent us Xis (giant cheeseburgers with lots of extra stuff, like eggs, multiple types of meat, special sauce, etc.)! It was a tender mercy on that challenging day. 

So this Saturday we had a missionary activity at the church- we opened the chapel for a public visitation. It was awesome! We weren´t expecting a whole bunch of people, and we didn´t have a whole bunch of people come, but some great things happened. First, Priscila brought her family to get to know the chapel. Her mom thought it was really awesome and I think she opened up more to the church. Irmã Bete, who is a returned missionary from our ward, helped show her around and helped make it a great activity. Also, a family that we had been teaching a while ago suddenly moved and we couldn´t find out where they went, but one of our investigators, Nicielli, who came to the visitation, is friends with them, so she took us there and we brought the 6 kids to visit the chapel! It was a grand adventure for them, and after the tour we put on the Testaments for them to watch with popcorn in one of the classrooms. 

We can look at any situation and choose to either see the good side or the bad. Someone could look a the activity and observe that basically no one from the general public came, but in my perspective the visitation was  grand success because we had some wonderful people there and the worth of one soul is so great in God´s sight that no effort is in vain if it put a smile on even one person´s face. God truly works with the one. The worth of souls is most clearly manisfested in the grandeur of the atoning sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ. A talk from a 1978 Ensign on the worth of souls by Marion G. Romney is worth a read.

Boa semana!

Sister Smith

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