Sunday, April 27, 2014

21 April 2014

Happy Easter!!!

This week was very unique. Meaning uneventful, which on a mission is unique. Sister Kirk was super sick so almost every day either me or Sister Melo stayed with her and the other went on splits with Sister Foutz so could work in both areas. AKA not a lot happened this week but I had a LOT of study time, which is a good thing. Also this keyboard is almost impossible so sorry this is going to be a shorter email. 

This week Sister Foutz shared an inspiration thought that one of her friends who isservingin Spain shared with her. As he was taking the train to his first area, the train derailed and he had to be sent home, hospitalized to recover (he is now back serving in his original mission). I am sure this allowed him alot of thinking time.He talked about how he had been pondering the difference between faith and  hope because  a lot of times we don't fully understand the difference. He said that he perceived the following:

Faith is belief that leads to ACTION
Hope is belief that leads to ATTITUDE

I really liked his definition because it made those two related principles make more sense. I think sometimes weare really faithful,but forget to have hope, AKA realize that everything is going to be okay and thatwe should be happy because Christ lives,and he has promised to help us when our own is not enough. 


Sister Smith

Flat Stanley :) 

Lunch at the Cheiro Verde during transfers

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