Wednesday, April 9, 2014

7 April 2014


News for this week:

We spent all of Tuesday in two different hospitals (just for an exam for Sister Melo don´t worry) and helped the elders out in their area and had General Conference, 

Wasn´t General Conference awesome?!?
I loved Elder Gary E. Stevenson´s talk and his analogy to the Olympics. I am not sure I exactly understood all the specific termonilogy in Portuguese, but this is what I got from it: In Alma 34:32 we learn that "this life is the time to prepare to meet God." We are all in some sort of phase of life. Perhaps it is being a student, being a missionary, being a parent, grandparent, preparing for the next life marker. Whatever it be, our time in this phase is too short to be wasted or simply survived. We must enjoy and use to the fullest the opportunities we have. For me, my mission is like the 4 minute qualifying run in the Olympics. For us all, this life is our preparatory run. Qualify. The good news is, it is not luck , it is choice. It is not chance, it is skill developed through constant diligence. Our time is so short, but we will qualify with certainty if we follow the path that we know well through gospel study.

After yesterday morning´s session, a group of us missionaries grabbed a bunch of pass-along cards and started distributing them to people outside the chapel at the traffic light. We gave them to people walking along the sidewalk, and we also went up to people´s cars and gave them through the windows while the light was red. Here, doing stuff like that is part of the culture, but for me it was super daunting at first. But as soon as we got going, it was hard to stop. It was actually really fun! I talked to this one lady in her car and started talking and she interrupted and said "I don´t have any money" and I was like, "No worries! What we are offering is free!" Her face immediately changed from glaring to a happy smile and she kissed the picture of Jesus and then drove away. People here really love Jesus. Another lady got really excited when I showed the picture of Jesus on the front and motioned me to go to the other side of the car for her to roll down the window. She said, "That´s my friend!" And I told her He was my friend too! It was a great moment for friendship. When you have a friend like Christ in common it makes things so much better. 

Boa Semana!

Sister Smith

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