Monday, June 2, 2014

26 May 2014

It´s cold outside! Finally! I am now using scarves, which are basically my favorite. And gloves from grandma and grandpa :)

It was a good week- we are still working with Karen trying to help her quit smoking. We gave her hard candies to use instead and she has been really progressing in using less! She says she is gaining a lot of weight because all she wants do do is eat now, but she is happy with that so we are happy too! 

Saturday morning this week we were street contacting and talked to this guy named Carlos. We asked if we could share a message another day with him and he was like, why not right now? So he offered to buy us coffee and we said no thanks so he got his cup and we went to a nearby park. So apparently his family is super rich but live a couple states away and he doesn´t have much contact with them. He used to suffer with ansiety and in order to overcome his fears of the dangers of the city, he decided to go live among the homeless and beggars. So he did. And now he is friends with the homeless community and no longer afraid. Now he lives a normal life with a job and stuff. One thing he said struck me. He said living among them, he discovered that these people--the homeless, the thiefs, etc--have fears just like us. And then he said that if he just saw us in passing a while back he would have thought we were stuck up and uppity but he can see that we aren´t now that he got to know us. I think innately we all know deep down that we are all human, subject to fears and insecurities, but sometimes we just judge people before truly getting to know them.  

1 Samuel 16:7 tells us the criteria that God uses to judge us. I think we would do well to try and look more into people´s hearts and assume the best. When we try our best, God will help us see others as He sees them and fill us with His love. 


Sister Smith

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