Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23 June 2014

Wow! So this week was super packed.
Tuesday we had yet another world cup game, so that kind of killed the day, but Wednesday was awesome! We had interviews with the mission president in Guaíba, which is an Islandish place and a 1 hour bus ride away, BUT since President Castro lives in our area, he gave us a ride! Win! And afterward took us out for lunch before giving us a ride home. President and Sister Castro are amazing and they really love us.
Also, this week we received a quest. There is a homeless man that lives nearby our house and right by the bus stop, but I think homeless is not a good description. In portuguese, he is a "morador da rua" or one who lives on the street, which is a more accurate description. He has A LOT of stuff. And he keeps it all organized together under tarps and stuff. He even has an outdor living room with a yellow plaid Ottoman and various stools. He is an artist from Argentina. He spends the day painting, playing his homemade bongo drums, creating art out of old cans and bottles (like a scorpion-spider he made out of bug killer. Clever), and talking with everyone. We chat with him sometimes and when we passed by this week, he told us in his heavy Argentinian-spanish portuguese accent that he is looking for a 1960 bible, translation Cassiodora da Rainha, translator Siphrano de Valera in Large print. I think he thinks that we have some sort of underground Bible network or something. We told him we would keep our eyes out.
Nataly and Yasmim (recent converts of 11 and 8 years) sat behind us during Sacrament Meeting and viarious times during they meeting they would tap on my shoulder and ask a question. Usually it is "may I go to the bathroom?" but this time Yasmim asked "why are there only boys up there at the sacrament table?" I think I gave the shortest explanation I have yet of the purpose of the priesthood and the roles of both genders in propelling forth the Lord´s work when I said "to bless the sacrament, they use the priesthood. Boys have the priesthood and girls have babies." She seemed satisfied with the answer, and I realized really how simple it is. The power to bring about Salvation, which consists of living in sealed families, depends on the power to bring families to earth and to bind them with priesthood power.
We are also having difficulty finding service projects because we always ask and offer, but I think it is cultural but people have a hard time accepting. So, when we saw Yasmim and Nataly raking leaves off to the street, we ran over and helped. Kids have a lot easier time accepting. It reminded me of raking leaves in the autumn. Except we used brooms not rakes. And it was a cobblestone front patio, not a lawn. But it was fun. I am still holding out hope for my dream of painting someone´s house. We had two people accept our offer, but one still hasn´t bought the paint and the other went to the beach this whole week. So yeah. But I still have hope.

We went on splits this week and during lunch I made some new friends, Mariane, Icarus, and Yuri. I don´t get this alot, but during lunch they were talking and looking at me funny and trying to figure out who I looked like and then they were like "Oh! I figured it out. You totally remind me like our cousin!" And I asked "Is that good?" And they were like "Uhh... yeah, you remind us a lot of her. Except you are normal." I am not sure exactly what that means, but at least I can rest at night knowing I am normal.

Yesterday was amazing! The Lord blessed us so much. We barely had time to breathe during the meetings because we were running in and out because people kept calling us and saying they were arriving so we went out to the front to meet them. I consider that a good problem. First, we had Alexandre, a less active member who is coming back to church (!) bring a friend, Bruno! It was cool because the missionary that taught Alexandre in a different state in Brasil, is in our ward, and they sat together because they both moved here! What a small world. And Bruno, his friend, is really interested in the church and getting baptized! Yes!

Also, Renata came! She is amazing. Since she has started working with her new job (that she got after she started taking the lessons and that lets her not work on Sunday! Win!) it has been harder to find her at home, but she is still going strong and preparing for her baptism. We love Renata. She also brought Carol, who lives on the first floor of her apartment!
Also, when we called Dirceu in the morning, he said he was traveling to Viamão to visit his sister-in-law. BUT, he came all the way back to come to sacrament meeting. AKA MIRACLE!!!!!
Seriously yesterday was crazy good. I don´t know what we did to receive all these blessings but I am very grateful.
Also, this week we were discussing Lehi´s dream, and found it really interesting the different reactions of the people and one thing Sister Kirk noted was that when people taste of the fruit but then are ashamed and fall away, it doesn´t just mean that people completely stop going to church and stuff, but it can also mean when we are unwilling to open our mouths and share the gospel. Remember, the first thing Lehi did when he tasted of the fruit was look around to find his family and share it with them! Share the fruit! It is delicious!

Also, this scripture Pres. Castro shared with me during our interview.
"What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? ....in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us." Romans 8:31,37
This is so true. We have the most powerful being in existence on our side. We have angels round about us to lift us up. Alone, we are weak but with God, we are capable of miracles. I know He has worked miracles with our beloved investigators this week and I know He can work miracles with you and your friends and loved ones. 


1) Picnic with Yasmim and Nataly (Recent Converts) and Nataly´s brother, Pablo
2) 9 Months! Was on splits with Sister Mileib, who I was with when she made 9 months!
3) With the secretaries. Those guys are awesome

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