Wednesday, September 24, 2014

22 September 2014

I have to be quick today because my companion (Síster Silva) is headed home so we have a LOT to do. Síster Melo´s mom and sister also came to pick her up so things are kinda crazy.

I will share the highlights of the week:

Karina got baptized!!! Woohoo!!! The pictures turned out kind of blurry, but if you don´t remember, she is Eliza´s daughter. It was another wonderful experience and another reminder of the joys and importance of families. Letícia shared her testimony again and it was so great to see her joy in seeing one more member of her Family join the church. Waltair and Eliza made a giant churrasco party for us afterward :) So many giant spears of meat. Wow.

This week Rio Grande do Sul commemorated semana Farroupilha, which is where they celebrate gaúcho stuff and a war that they lost.

Álvaro memorized the sacramental prayer and blessed the sacrament! He is so eager to continue his gospel learning and progression. He has already memorized the baptismal ordinance because he really wants to be able to baptize his son.

We also had a churrasco yesterday with Eva, Priscila, Camila, and Ravel Paim for lunch. Priscila made cheesecake. Basically I was in heaven! After lunch we shared a message:

Read Moses 1:39

Think of the difference between immortality and eternal life. They are both gifts, one that is automatic but the other we have to accept. It is available to all but depends on our desire and how we show that desire. What is left for you to do to receive the second gift?

Love you all!!!!

Sister Smith

1. Baptism
2. Baptism
3. Rock- beira de Rio Guaíba
4. Giant Chimarrão @ Parque Harmonía (Semana Farroupilha)

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