Tuesday, September 30, 2014

29 September 2014

Lots of changes! Sisters Silva, Melo, and Hodnik, all former companons, all
went home this week ahh!!! craziness. My new companion is Sister Gurrieri,
from Argentina! We were in the MTC at the same time, and she is just
wonderful! I have never had a Hispanic companion yet so maybe I will
dust off my español :)
We had stake con ference yesterday and the ward boundaries changed. One
ward was split and divided into two wards, including ours, but now the name
of our ward is the name of the ward that split, Glória. So I changed areas
but not really. Now we split the ward with Elders. oh. And bothe the bishop
of our ward and the bishop of Glória moved to the other wrd (Ala 2) and the
new bishop has not yet been approved so we are now bishpless. Stake
leadership has been assigned to preside over our ward for the time being.
But this is definitely a first for me. It is strange and sad being

So I have a bunch of great stories and spiritual thoughts but this
computer stopped working and ate up all my time waiting to load stuff.
So, sorry for the dry letter but I love you all and I will write cool
stuff next week. I am alive.

1. New comp Sister Gurrieri! In front of the chapel

2. On a hill, squinting in the sun.

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