Monday, February 16, 2015

9 February 2015

My dear ones, 

Sorry about not writing last week- Pday was a National Holiday for some saint of some sort and all the internet cafès were closed. And the rest of the week we just didn´t have a spare minute! Which is a good thing. Man, it´s awesome being a missionary. 

So, if you remember Julia´s baptism, she brought a friend, Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth has been coming to church and want´s to get baptized too! But she wants her dad, Jorge, to get to know the church too (he said he would next week!) and hopefully he will accompany her and they can be an even happier family! So on Wednesday we taught her with Julia in the chapel- and apparently I left my wallet there, but didn´t realize it. It was only the next night that I saw that it was missing. I looked EVERYWHERE but didn´t find it. I talked to a lady in the ward and it wasn´t at her house. So I prayed. And I remembered the chapel! Yesterday I picked it up at church. I cannot count the number of times I have lost something and God has helped me remember exactly where I left it. He is very patient. 

We also had a fun experience with ties. So it was Irmão Aldo´s birthday and we had lunch with them, so we bought a tie for him (In the picture, it is the one I am using). He really liked it. We left and made our visits, and later in the day, we stopped by another member´s house to pick up Sister Narváez´s backpack that she left there. Who did we see at the window? Irmão Aldo. He was asking the other Irmão how to tie the tie because he never learned, being a recent convert to the church. Unfortunately, the other Irmão also did not know how. They have all their ties pre tied, and just loosen them to take them off and then tighten them to go to church the next week. No one knew how. Dad, this will make you proud- I remembered wayy back inmy childhood, I don´t even remember when, when Dad and Gav and Ty taught us how to tie ties. I could only remember the single windsor (I think?) but we formed a circle and I taught everyone how to tie a tie. I was happy to have that skill come to my remembrance. 

This week has been truly filled with miracles. But as in Ether 12:6, the witness comes only after the trial of our faith. For example, after going to a return appointment where the investigator returned the Book of Mormon and refused to hear more because of what a pastor said to her, we did not let that get us down, we went to see if any of the neighbors would hear our message! We ended up finding some great new investigators on that street and some very special families with great potential. I know that the Lord accompanies us in this work. He participates not only in our moments of triumph, but also during our trials. He lifts us up and helps us move forward when we exercise our faith in Him and let Him help us. I know that Christ is our Savior and that he walked the hardest path so that it would be possible for us to come to Him, walk with Him, and help others come along the way.


Sister Smith 

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