Wednesday, January 28, 2015

28 January 2015 - Kieren gets burned in an explosion....

So... It´s been a pretty eventful week and I will try to share it all with you..

Everything is going well with Fernanda and Eduardo´s wedding plans. Will keep you updated. We had three companionship exchanges this week which was fun. Lots of new investigators and good lessons. 

This week we opened the chapel and talked to people on the streets, inviting them to come in and see what it is like inside. It was a smashing success! Lots of people came to our chapel tour and we got to teach about the sacrament by the sacrament table and baptism by the baptismal font and lots of the people were willing to receive the lessons! Unfortunately, the chapel is not in our area so the majority of the people we will not visit, but it was still an amazing experience and we are definitely going to do it again!

So there are some people that say don´t tell your family any of the hard things that happen, but i think you guys can handle it and I wan´t to keep you informed, so get ready for an adventure...on Saturday morming after we had gone running I went to make pão de queijo for breakfast, and our oven went out and when I went to relight it (mistake) it exploded and I got burned pretty bad. (Side note: I AM FINE! Don´t freak out). We called a member and they came super fast and took me to the hospital´s pronto socorro where I was attended within 1 minute, which was good because it was hurting pretty bad. My only second degree burns were on the hand so the rest of me is fine. (Face just a little burned, eylashes just singed, arm hair burnt to a stubble (literally haha) and they gave me pain meds so it didn´t even hurt after that). It´s funny to say but this has been one of the best things that has happened to me on my mission. I will send pics later, maybe after I get home beause it is kind of ugly. 

But anyway I have seen such amazing examples of service and felt the love of the Savior so close to me this week that I don´t even know where to start. 

First, my companion was there the whole time (obviousy) but more than just being there, she is so ready to offer help when needed. She even washed my hair in the sink yesterday since I can´t do that.

Then there´s Irmã Juliana and Irmão Rudnei. They were the ones that ran us to the hospital and then after that basically everywhere we needed to go (the farmacy, to lunch and back, stake conference, etc)

Then there´s Irmã Rosângela, who is a nurse. She helps people all day long and I can tell it is super tiring, but she insists on coming to my apartment twice a day to change the gauze and curative cream on my hands and make sure it is healing well. Today she came during her lunch break and had to walk miles to get there and miles to get back to work. She is amazing. P.S. She says I am curing great :)

Then there´s Irmã Sandra, who is with me today. Sister Kirk is finishing her mission so she had to go to Porto Alegre today. I was originally going to go with her, but I have to take it easy today, so we arranged for her to come stay with me. She has already cleaned our whole house to get ready for my new companion (Sister Narvaez- hispanic not sure which country yet), made lunch, and did companionship and personal study with me. She is excited to be a missionary for a Pday :)

Then of course, there is President and Sister Castro. Since God knew this was going to happen, he already sent President and Sister Castro here to Pelótas for Stake Conference, so they were super close by already when it happened (even though they live in Porto Alegre 4 hours away). They came on Saturday afternoon to our house, bringing sacks of groceries with some of my favorite delicious things- peach nectar, frosted flakes, bananas) and then they sat and talked with us. Presidente Castro gave me a beautiful blessing and I am feeling so great already! They had to rearrange their whole schedule to be with me, but they did it, which made me feel so loved and taken care of. 

There are countless other examples, like our district leader giving us a box of chocolate, all the Irmãs concern at church and calling, and really just feeling encircled with love. It´s been hard not being able to do everything I normally do- like I have to ask someone to put my hair in a ponytail everytime I want my hair out of my face, and simple things like asking to put the cap on the toothpaste. But I have been blessed with amazing friends. 

One of the first things I asked the doctors at the ER was how long before I would be able to play piano. You will all be pleased to know that I still played in Stake Conference- just with an arrangement I made on the spot for left hand only. It wasn´t too bad :) I also sang a duet with Sister Kirk so that was fun.

Also, one of the investigators we had planned to visit was at the hospital too because she had cut her foot! So, good that we got to see her, bad that she cut her foot :(

There is another lady in our ward who has a salon and offered to cut all the burnt crisps out of my hair and hydrate it. :) Oficially the best ward ever!!!

Also I am getting super good at writing with my left hand :)  

So many blessing this week!!! It´s been amazing. 


Sister Smith

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