Sunday, January 4, 2015

29 Dez 2014

Merry Christmas! Full of Miracles. Like we got the Skype to work after Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C fell through! 

Also it was amazing to see how the member were even more willing than usual to help us out (and they already do a lot!). We had many referalls and many lessons with them. 

We went Caroling with Jorge and he took us to a bunch of his neighbors´ houses and we sang silent night to all of them. I think I might almost have it memorized. 

This week another wonderful Christmas present- Fernanda came to church! After we called her Sunday morning, she walked all the way to our street and then we walked together to church, which is like a half-hour walk! She and her family are so dear and special. We are helping them to plan their wedding woohoo! In the closing prayer the other day, Eduardo, the husband, prayed that they would be finally able to "realize their dream of matrimony." The lesson in Gospel Principles was about temples and it was perfect! I drew a bunch of happy families and temples on the board and I think she got pretty excited. We have been praying to be able to help more people get to church, and Fernanda and her sacrifice were and answer to our prayers

Pres Castro gave some council about how prayer, fasting, patience, and courage will help us to be happy and fulfill our potential. Courage is something that I think we overlook sometimes, but we need it in missionary work, and in standing strong in what we know, which is basically missionary work. Remember Esther´s story- what an example of courage. By living what she knew and standing up for her beliefs, she was both a missionary and a means to saving her people. 

Love you guys!

Sister Smith


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