Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Janeiro 2015

Happy 2015!!!!!!

So an experience that mom shared with me reminded me of our interesting FHE this week. So we had this great FHE planned with one of our investigator families. We were going to watch the Restoration DVD and have cookies and everything. It was going to be at Irmã Lú´s house and when we arrive at the investigator´s house they are all ready to go! However, they say that Lú had just called them and said that her daughter in law was going to have her baby. So we are like ´don´t worry! We will find another house! Just hold on 10 minutes.' So we leave and run toward our Ward Mission Leader´s house (another story of WML to the rescue. They are just so great). He is home! He said we can do the FHE there! The cookies are already made so there really is no turning back. So we run back to the family´s house and share the good news. However, in those 10 minutes the mom decided to make bread. So she has to finish kneading it. But that is quick. We thought they would be all ready to go after that but no, we have to bring in the laundry from the clotheslines! Then she takes a shower! Then he takes a shower! Then all the kids take showers! Pretty soon everyone is smelling great and ready to go. But then we have to find the keys. And gather the children. And put snacks in the bag, complete with mini waterbottles of juice for each child. (I´m not sure what they were expecting from the FHE, but they were prepared for even the most rigorous wilderness survival FHE. It would make a boy scout proud). And then we set off! It turned out to be a great experience and we had to leave early because of the time, but we knew we could trust our WML to finish off. 

My comp was a little sick this week so I read a lot! But everyone is all better now. 

Spiritual Thought for the week: Mosiah 5:12- what does it mean to have Christ´s name written on our hearts? How can we do that?

Love you guys!

Sister Smith

Pictures (from the cell again so I can´t guarantee quality sorry friends)

Sharing the gospel with every creature

Maria Nilza from the Ward Party. Are all our investigators/members that short or am I just that tall? Answer: yes. 

Me with a swan boat! Don´t worry we can´t actually ride them. I just thought it was elegant. 

Christmas tree in the city

Birthday party! Sorry its blurry

New friends (family of members) that are visiting from Rio

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